How To Write High Converting Product Descriptions For ECommerce

How to write high converting Product Descriptions for eCommerce

How to write high converting Product Descriptions for E commerce – Conversions of your products directly or indirectly depends upon the product description you choose for them. Your product description should be compelling enough to make a customer use the add to cart feature right away. So here we will discuss how can you write high converting product description for E commerce.

How to write high converting Product Descriptions for eCommerce

Product descriptions that have everything required creates an impeccable impression effortlessly. If your product description is able to provide every bit of information related to the product then the viewers will not much of the time to turn into potential customers.

Why product description is important for E commerce?

Many E commerce owners make the mistake of not focusing on the most important thing i.e. product description. Usually they focus on the technical part of the website but product description are equally important to boost the conversion rate. If your products are without descriptions then not matter how much effort you put it it would be considered worthless. Always keep in mind that buyers cannot touch or feel the products therefore it becomes very important to write relevant description about the products.

Top tips to write compelling product descriptions for high conversion rates

E commerce is growing at an exponential rate because of the unique features it provide to the audience. The joys and luxuries you get while shopping online is something offline methods fails to provide. Therefore, to excel in your field and to get more profit out of your business it is extremely important for you to write attractive product description. So below mentioned are the tip tips to write impressive product description.

Understand the buyer persona

Before you start writing product description it is very important for you to understand the persona of the buyers. If you will have the knowledge of your ideal buyer’s interest then it would be more easy for you and the customers to relate and eventually buy the products. For this to happen you need to select your target audience and write the description according to them. Product descriptions are a way to communicate with your customers indirectly.

Make a list of the benefits and features of the products

Next important thing is that you appropriately describe the benefits and features of a specific product. A customer cannot check the quality of the product by touching it. Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to give them every bit of details related to the product so that they can buy the products easily. Also provide them with the benefits of the product so that your product description gets more compelling.

Use appropriate images

Your product description is incomplete without the use of high quality and relevant images. Images help in letting the customers to get a better understanding of the product’s features and details. They play a much important role when you do not have decorative products for sell but specialized products.

Avoid using cliched descriptions

Product descriptions like excellent quality and related does not do much for your E commerce. They are the obvious and the most used description. Why would a seller describe products as a bad quality. So while writing the product description think of something unique and fresh so that it can attract the customers effortlessly.

Regular optimization

Search engine traffic is extremely crucial for the sales in E commerce. So optimization is something you cannot ignore at any cost. Optimizing the product description will make the customer aware of your services, products and brands. Use selected and attractive keywords and optimize the product description on a regular basis to get the best results.


A customer will only hit the add to bag button if only they find the product description attractive enough. If you really want to have high converting rates for your E commerce then it is crucial for you to write impressive product description. So if you were looking for the tips to write high converting product description then I hope this might have helped you a bit.

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