How To Fix AMP Critical Errors

How to fix AMP errors

How to Fix AMP Critical Errors – Are you having trouble because of the AMP critical errors on your website? Are you also getting a tough time fixing these errors? If yes, then this is the perfect place to be in. AMP has majorly two different types of errors i.e. Critical and non -critical. These errors totally stand out in their name, they need to be fixed for preventing further damage. Here we will discuss the best ways to fix AMP critical errors.

How to fix AMP errors

These type of errors can hinder the process of indexing of your website in the search engines. Also, they can majorly affect your brand reputation in the online world. The best step is to prevent your site from these errors. But in case your website has already been affected then you need to follow the right steps and tricks to get rid of them. So, if you want your website or AMP to go smooth and attract more customers then make sure you are not getting these type of error messages.

What is the difference between critical and non -critical AMP errors?

Google has now officially made it clear that there are two types of AMP errors. They both are quite different from each other and there is no chance for them to be mixed or confused about. Google has upgraded the AMP reports within the Google Search Console to “clearly differentiate between the critical issues that would prevent your page from being shown in the search results, and the other non-critical issues that would be good to fix.”

Critical errors basically mean that Google cannot index the AMP content. And if the content is not indexed then there are no chances for that to show up in the search engine results. The non-critical issues are more likely around richer results that do not prevent the content from being indexed but prevent it being enhanced in the search results. Critical issues are more important to get rid of.

Best methods to get rid of AMP critical errors effectively

Well, there are plenty of ways by which you can solve this error or issue. AMP is the accelerated mobile pages which often undergo some types of errors. Google now is differentiating between these pages so that people can effectively get rid of the specific type of error. Below listed are some of the methods that you should follow while getting rid of the AMP critical errors effectively and faster.

  • If by any chance you have plugins that inject AMP ads then it is the right time to disable them. Your AMP search and critical errors will immediately get removed.

If this step isn’t helpful by any terms then below listed is one another set of steps that will definitely help you solve this issue. Scroll down t check this out.

  • Firstly, go to your cache plugin.
  • Then, make it NOT cache or minify AMP pages by having it exclude any URL with “amp/” in it.
  • Then, save your rule, reset all your caches, wait a few minutes and you are now without any error in your AMP.
  • Removing AMP pages from the cache plugin’s effects seemed to fix the markup error.


So, if you were in the search for the ways to fix the AMP critical errors then hopefully it might have been useful for you in some ways. AMP critical errors prevent your page from indexing which can lower down your reputation in the internet world. So, if you are also suffering from this type of error then above mentioned are some of the best methods to be followed.

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