How To Do SEO For Amazon Products

how to do seo for amazon products

How to do SEO for amazon products – Do you want to do SEO for amazon products? Are you looking for the ways to do SEO for Amazon products? If yes, then this is the right place to be in. When we talk about the SEO only Google comes to our mind and for the obvious reasons. Many people in the Amazon business do not know the ways to do correct SEO to their products. So, here we will discuss some of the important ways to do SEO for products of amazon.

how to do seo for amazon products

Most of the people focus only on Google because of the immense benefits it has to offer. If you have an E- commerce business then Amazon should be way more important to you than Google. Reason being Amazon has more than three-time search volume for products than Google.

Top Tips to do SEO for Amazon Products

If you own an E- commerce website then it is the right time to start SEO for the amazon products as well. Amazon is much more than an online shopping website. It would not be wrong if we call it another search engine. Most people in the online business are unaware of doing SEO for these products. Therefore, we have brought you some of the best tactics to get the best rankings for amazon products.

A9, Amazon ranking algorithm

If you really want to secure the high ranking then A9 Algorithm ranking factor is something you need the most. This algorithm works when you simply add a common variation in the search query. You will notice a huge cut off in the result of this amendment. With the usage of this algorithm, the competition gets drastically reduced and eventually you get more profits out of your products.

Amazon product’s description

If you want to increase your visibility,  sales, and ranks then product optimization is extremely important. Product information helps the customer to know about it in details. A product description should include brand, product line, key features, product type, color, size, packaging, and quantity. Also, do not forget to add targeted and relevant keywords in it to impress the target audience and eventually speeding up your sales.

Product titles

Product title is your opportunity to impress people at first sight. One thing that you should definitely remember while writing titles are the keyword stuffing. You should avoid it to the most extent. Whether you are a new brand or an existing one, you can always optimize the titles for more visibility and sales. Add relevant and effective keywords that will get more sales.

Genuine and verified reviews

The number of genuine and verified reviews plays a very important part in Amazon’s product rankings. A verified or an organic review is when a customer has used the same identity to buy and comment on the product. The products that will have most of the genuine reviews on it will be ranked on the top pages. Sales are definitely important, but Amazon does care about the customer’s experience as well.

Sales page content

Even in these days, every search engine requires the content to know what is the page all about. Amazon is no exception here as well. You definitely need a great content to grab more attention and sales from people. Using keywords in the content is yet another important thing to do. There are several areas where you can add keywords to get more sales and they are listed below.

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Subtitle
  • Editorial reviews
  • Amazon’s own special keywords


You can have a lot of benefit or profit if your products are being ranked higher on Amazon. Amazon’s popularity is nothing to tell about, you can imagine the profits you will earn a ranking on it. If you will use the above-mentioned tactics in the right way then you will definitely be able to get the most sales and conversions out of your products. So, go ahead and use them now to rank higher.

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