What Is Google Sandbox In SEO

How To Recover Website From Google Sandbox

What is Google Sandbox in SEO – Do you know what is Google Sandbox in SEO? Are you aware of the impact of Google sandbox on your website? If the answer to the aforementioned question is no then you have come to the right place. Google Sandbox is nothing but a filter that is for the new websites that aren’t doing well on the search engine results due to any possible reason. Here we will discuss in details about the Google Sandbox in the search engine optimization. 

Sometimes you do everything right be it the design, SEO, development, marketing etc. but still you do not get to see the results in the way you want. Google in order to show the best of the results holds back the functional, attractive sites sometimes. You should be aware of how to deal with the Google sandbox effect only then your website and business will suffer less.

What is Google Sandbox?

Google Sandbox is basically a filter that is imposed on the new and fresh websites. The main of Google Sandbox is to stop them ranking on the competitive keywords until they become established. One of the other reason for this filter is because Google needs time to learn and understand what the website is actually about. A plenty of websites are launched ever day and some of those sites use false tricks to gain more clicks and results. Therefore, Google Sandbox prevents these less relevant sites from reaching the top of the search results.

How does Google Sandbox affect your website?

Google sandbox surely prevents the low-quality website to rank higher on the competitive keywords. But sometimes, even the high-quality websites get caught under the impact of Google Sandbox. Most of the people try to rank higher for the competitive keywords so Google makes sure that only the quality websites show up in the search engine results. You might be following the SEO best practices but still, you can get stuck in the Google sandbox. You should really have a knowledge about getting out of it to prevent your site from the damage.

How long does the Google Sandbox impact last?

Google Sandbox filter to the maximum lasts for about six months. There are quite a few factors that are responsible for the length of the effect of Google Sandbox. The reason these factors affect how strongly Google has to scrutinize your website. Different niches are targeted in different amounts and by different tactics. Below listed are those factors that are the reasons behind the delay in the impact of Google Sandbox.

  • Content on your website.
  • Keywords are targeting or focusing on.
  • Your niches.

Most of the people predict the time their website will be out of the Google Sandbox filter. Instead, you should make a smart option of making your website better than before. Make sure you are doing everything beneficial for your website. This way you will be easily out of the Google Sandbox.

Steps to avoid Google Sandbox filter

You can never guarantee the chances of not getting stuck in the Google Sandbox filter. But there are few methods and points that you should consider that will definitely reduce the chances of you getting stuck in this filter. You can follow the below-listed points to either stay protected and to get out of this filter by Google.

  1. Reexamine every possible thing on your website and make sure you are following the best SEO practices.
  2. Keep updating your content and other important things.
  3. Make sure you have high-quality links on your website.
  4. Use a sitemap and robots to make sure that Google crawls your site easily.


So, if you were looking for the information regarding Google Sandbox in SEO then I hope this might have been helpful for you in some ways. Google Sandbox is a beneficial step towards the better search engine results. Therefore, start working on your website positively to stay prevented from the Google Sandbox filter.

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