Why Does My Google Ranking Keep Changing

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Why does my Google ranking keep changing – Are you suffering from the fluctuations in the Google rankings for your website? Do you know the methods that can help you to make the rankings stable? If not, then this is the right place to be in. This instability of the rankings does not affect your overall performance but is annoying to the core. Here we will let you know why does your Google ranking keep changing.

This is one of the most common questions asked by most of the internet active people who keep a check on their website’s performance constantly. It can be immensely frustrating and annoying to watch your ranks go higher on one day and drop on the other. It takes a lot of efforts and patience to bring your website on the top, therefore, to watch the ranks drop without actually doing anything is disappointing.

What are the factors that are responsible for the volatility in the search engine results?

These types of ranking fluctuations are generally caused due to the Google’s algorithms. They can happen on a monthly, weekly or even on a daily basis. Before you jump on to solve the problem, try to understand it completely. Here we will discuss the top things that are generally the reason behind the change in the rankings on the search engine results.

Google Search Engine’s Algorithm Updates

This is one of the most common reasons behind the change in the rankings for your website. Some of the major and big updates are announced on a higher level. But some of the small updates or amendments often go unannounced but that does not make them less effective on your website, Therefore, stay up to date with every update Google come up with.

Content Update

Updating the content on a regular basis significantly is a good rule to get higher rankings. But a significant change in the content can cause a drop in the ranking to the most extent. Content can rose to the higher rankings with more relevant keywords but sometimes the opposite can occur as well to your website or post.

Technical issues

Technical issues can affect the crawling of a certain page or the whole website. If you implement a robots.txt strategy or incorporate complicated code that slows down your site speed. Then you might end up seeing ranking drops from the lack of accessibility the crawlers have on your site.

Inbound link strategies

This is yet another most common problems that cause the change in the ranking of your website. The loss of the links pointing towards your website can cause a serious drop in the ranks of your website. Other linking strategies can also lead to the drop in the ranks.

How can we stop the fluctuations in Google rankings?

Now that you know the various reasons behind the fluctuating changes of the Google rankings. It is important to know the solutions of this problem as well. We have compiled a list of the best methods that can help you get rid of this annoying problem.

  1. You can use internal linking to avoid this problem. Also, you can avoid the use of the rich anchor text on your website.
  2. Keep a check on the technical issues if there are any. Make sure the site speed is good because people do not spend even seconds that take a long time to load.
  3. Building links to several other different pages can also help you to stay prevented from the ranking fluctuations of your website.
  4. Update both your website and web pages on the regular basis.

Is Ranking Fluctuations Normal in SEO?

Well, it is one of the most confusing things in SEO. After the real time updates, it becomes hard to understand it properly. But if you are using White hat SEO techniques then these things are normal. On the first day, you can see ranks in Page one and on another day you are seeing website rankings on page 2. It is a part of Google dancing script. Which takes the time to understand whether the website is worthy enough for top rankings or first page rankings.


So, if you were struggling to find the methods to get rid of these annoying problem. Or were in the search for the reasons that cause this frustrating problem. Then I hope this might have been helpful for you. So, if you have this problem, you now know both the reason and solution to your problem.

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