Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update –  Google keeps on introducing new updates on daily basis. It always keeps on trying to improve different ranking factors and other website related issues. Google introduce at least two changes every day. These changes are helpful in improving SEO and rankings. Google keeps on updating its ranking factors every year on daily basis. So, here we will let you know about the Google Broad Core Algorithm update.


Consequently, Google has confirmed its new broad core algorithm update on March 13, 2018. This is the second broad core algorithm update Google has introduced in March month. There is a number of changes google induce daily. These changes may be for only a specific improvement or maybe a broad one like this core algorithm update. It has nothing to do with the websites which are of low quality or low rankings.

What is Google Broad core algorithm update?

In this google broad core algorithm, the Google is stressing upon the major points. Every algorithmic update induces some implications you need to implement to your website and the content you write. This update is taking in to account the major three consideration which are

User Intent or Query Intent

First and foremost task every website and digital marketer needs to perform is to know what exactly the user is looking for. The intent of the user gets clear from the query what he/she enters into the search engine. If you are able to get the user query intent very well, the more relevant information you can give to your user.

Rich Content

Content is considered as a king. After understanding the user intent, the next step you have to perform is to provide the most relevant information to the user. If you will do so, the higher your website rankings will be. This is all, Google aims at i.e., to improve the visibility by publishing a qualitative content. A website’s content is given the top importance to make it more visible on SERP. Rich content is all that you need to score higher rankings. No matter, even if your rankings are fluctuating during this update, just improve your content. Qualitative content or information is the one which will never get affected by these kinds of major algorithmic updates. Fluctuations in the rankings will not be there with a rich content website.

Reward to Under-rewarded Pages

The other key point Google is focusing on that this broad core algorithmic update may reward the websites or pages which are under-rewarded previously. The under-rewarded pages are can rank higher according to this update and the one who is at top rankings can come down at lower ranks. So the richer your content is, less it will be affected by the major as well as minor updates.

Low-Performance Fix

The pages or websites which are performing low or are not getting higher ranks needs to adopt the implications according to google broad core algorithmic update. There is no other way to recover from this. The one and the only way is to improve your content or blogs.

Resulting Gain and Loss of Different Players

There are a number of players who get benefitted by this google broad core algorithmic update 2018. And there are some who faces a loss due to the updates it introduced. It all depends on your content to gain or lose.

Digital Savy publishers are the one who enjoys the benefit of this core algorithmic update 2018. This is because they have a good quality content on their sites. They have noticed a growth of 54% within a week of the update. The compressed form of content i.e., streaming video networks also have increased visibility on the search engines. Youtube is one of them and has reached the second place in visibility perspective after Wikipedia. It has shown the growth of 13%  after this update.

The websites or pages which comes to a lower rank are dictionaries and song lyrics. Scraping of content is observed there in those sites.

Implementing the Improvements According  to Google Broad Core Algorithmic Update

The myth about targeting low-quality websites is totally false. Google never target the low-quality sites or pages with lower rankings. But it always introduces the improvements in the direction of best relevant information on search engine result page. With this algorithmic update, you will have to implement some improvements as to get the higher ranks. The improvements are

  • Always serve the best and required content or information to the audience or users.
  • Try to attract the customers with attractive content and ad campaigns.
  • Design your content and ads as to get the maximum conversions.
  • Rich content must be there to get the higher ranks as well as visibility.
  • Make everything transparent to customers.
  • Content updation will also be helpful in this updated case.
  • Avoid building backlinks and try to make the content richer with better keyword usage and avoid copying.
  • Unique content will also be valuable in that case.
  • Improvement in CTR, AMP, and PPC.


Therefore, you can judge it very well from the above information that you need not worry if you are serving the user with the rich content. The fluctuations are there in the digital players who do scraping or doesn’t provide a relevant information to the users. Google induce those changes or updates in order to make the websites rank higher, who have rich and unique content. So google broad core algorithmic update is one of the updates to improve site information in SERP and to make it user-friendly.

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