How To Get Custom URL On Linkedin

How to get custom URL on Linkedin

How to get custom URL on Linkedin – If you are looking for the ways to get custom URL on Linkedin then you have come to the right place. Custom URL are much easier to remember and fancy than the normal URLs. Linkedin allows you to customize your mundane URL and grab more attention with the custom URL. If you are a beginner or have no idea about it then here we will discuss the ways to get custom URL on Linkedin.

How to get custom URL on Linkedin

If you own a Linkedin profile then you definitely want people to know about it. You can create awareness about your profile and the services by sharing your website’s URL. But the only problem with this URL would be that it wouldn’t be a  pretty one. Customizing your URL will make it more attractive.

The importance of custom URL on Linkedin?

The importance of getting custom URL on Linkedin or any other social network should not be underestimated. It becomes more important when you want to promote your profile or your business. The URL that is usually assigned to you by the social networks are not easy to remember at all. A customized URL is not only easy to remember but also looks good and professional. Therefore, if you are still using the outdated version of URL for your social network profile then it is time to change that.

How to choose Custom Url for your Linkedin profile?

Choosing a custom URL for your Linkedin profile is easy but tricky at the same time. Your custom URL would be responsible for your future success in the digital world. Choosing the right custom URL will give you more benefits than what you have imagined. Below mentioned are some of the steps to follow to choose the perfect custom URL for your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Use your personal name when creating a custom Linkedin public profile. And use your business name for the business custom Linkedin profile.
  2. Do not forget to choose an easy to remember and logical URL for your account.
  3. Linkedin surely allows you to change the URL for the number of times but it would be better if you get it right for the first time.

Steps to Setup the custom URL for your Linkedin account

Creating a custom URL for your Linkedin account isn’t tough at all. You just need to follow the right steps. If you have no idea how to setup the custom URL in your Linkedin profile then we can help you. Below mentioned are some of the easy steps to follow for setting up your custom URL.

  • Click on your profile photo as it will directly take you to the profile view of your Linkedin account.
  • After your profile is opened, click on edit the public profile option.
  • Now, select the option that says edit the public profile URL. Here, you will see another option which will allow you to change the URL of your public profile.
  • Enter the name in the customized LinkedIn profile and click save.
  • If the name is not available then you can go for any other option.

Why do you need to customized your URL on Linkedin?

Custom URL are nothing new in the digital world. They are known for the number of benefits it provides to the account or business owner. Normal URLs contains unwanted digits and alphabets that not only makes it hard to remember but also unprofessional. Earlier, this facility was not for everyone but now any account can make their URL into custom URL for the numerous benefits.


If you were looking for the ways to make your URL customized then I hope this might have helped you a lot. Getting a custom URL is extremely easy you just need to follow the right path and fulfill the requirements. So, if you are still using normal URL then it is time for you to change your URL into a custom URL.

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