Why You Should Focus on Page Load Speed in 2017

Why You Should Focus on Page Load Speed in 2017

Why You Should Focus on Page Load Speed in 2017 – 2017 is an advanced year in itself in terms of technology and everything related. If the loading speed of your website is slow then it could turn into the worst nightmare possible for the obvious reasons. After setting up your website next most important thing is to fix the speed of it. Here you will get to know more details on why you should focus on page load speed in 2017.

Why You Should Focus on Page Load Speed in 2017

Would you stick to the website that takes ages to load? The obvious reason would be no. Everyone wants a website that loads fast because in today’s world no one’s got the time to wait for a website to load. The sooner website’s owner will realize this, better would be for them. So if you are still not focusing on web page load speed then it is time to focus.

Why page load speed is so important?

Every E commerce website owner or any website owner wants their website to load fast not only to earn profit but to give user a good experience. Improving the loading speed of a website completely make sense in every way.Poor page load can damage your online reputation and reduce the traffic or customers. Potential customers or viewers can really get frustrated if they have to wait for your website to load. So in order to maintain the website’s image you need to focus on page load speed.

How fast should your website load in 2017?

People like websites that load fast and so does the search engines. It really irritates the regular users if they get to wait for the loading of website. A fast site is undoubtedly a good user’s experience and the satisfaction of customers lead to higher conversion rates and profits. Slow websites on the other hand freaks out people in a big way. Your website should be fast enough to satisfy people because every second is important.

Why is it worth to have a fast loading website in 2017?

Website speed provides countless benefits. If your website is loading fast then you will be loaded with enormous amounts of benefits. This is why, website owners should spare some time to sincerely focus on website loading time. The speed of your website really matters and below mentioned are some more advantages of having a fast loading website in 2017.

  • With a fast loading website you will get a hold on the customers or viewers. When you can satisfy the customer with great speed and performance they will be left with no reason to not stick to your website.
  • Fast and quick speed of your website also brings a lot of profits, sales and conversion rates for the obvious reasons. If people will get satisfied, they will browse your site more. Hence, you will get loyal customers for a lifetime.
  • Next major advantage is the high ranks. If your website has managed to attain the required speed then you can find yourself on the top on the famous search engine’s results.
  • Fast loading website will provide you success and progress throughout. You will be able to achieve everything you have ever dreamt of.

Tips to improve the loading speed of a website

Now that you know why a website load speed is important it is time to know how you can improve it. There are several ways to improve the loading speed of a website. You can scroll down to have a look at them.

  • You can use GZIP compression tool to reduce the size of images on your website. A high definition image could be the reason for slow loading of the website. So in order to quick those up these tools are beneficial.
  • Another thing you can do is to save your CSS and scripts as external files. This will save a lot of time and effort and most importantly will work in welfare of the website’s speed.
  • Update your caches regularly in order to get a fast loading website.


Website speed is extremely important and if you were not aware of this then I hope this might have been helpful in some way or the other. It is really important to have a fast loading website in 2017 so start focusing on this major aspect towards success.

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