How To Fix WordPress Internal Duplicate Content Issues

How to Fix WordPress Internal Duplicate Content Issues

How to Fix WordPress Internal Duplicate Content Issues – Are you the one looking for the ways to fix WordPress Internal duplicate content issues? If yes, then we can help you solve your queries. One of the major and most common problem in WordPress is duplicate content. We cannot deny the fact that WordPress is a platform that is SEO optimized but it still lacks some features. Therefore, here we will discuss the ways of fixing duplicate content in WordPress.

How to Fix WordPress Internal Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content is a common problem but it becomes more difficult when you own a website with thousands of pages. Having a duplicate content can lead to several other problems such as low traffic, ranks etc which will eventually cause an adverse effect on the overall performance of the WordPress website.

What is a duplicate content?

A duplicate content is a content that appears on the internet or search engines in more than one places. The only difference between these contents is the URL. Google will not be able to identify all these duplicate content and will show a random one out of all of the duplicate contents. This can harm your overall website’s performance to the most extent. Google can even penalize you for posting duplicate content. It is very common to create duplicate content through meta tags, description etc in WordPress. But you should know how to fix this issue to get better results.

Steps to fix WordPress internal duplicate content issues

There are many ways to fix the WordPress internal duplicate content issues. It could be difficult if you are new in the SEO world but with time you will easily understand it. We have brought you some of the best methods to fix the internal duplicate content issues in WordPress.

Tags and categories no Index

This is the first place you should start fixing this issue. If you are showing complete post in Tags & Categories page and keeping your tags and categories as indexed then you are already in the way to create duplicate contents. To avoid this situation you can use plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast to configure the no index pages.


This is a very useful feature for you and your users but this is of no use for the search engines. For the search engines, they are just like another page so if you will index them you will create a duplicate copy of the same content. It can happen that the whole content might not get copied because of the settings you have made. A no index for this page would be very helpful in order to stay prevented from the duplicate pages.

Attachment Image URL

When we attach an image to WordPress post, it adds images as attachment URL, and when Reader click on the image, it will be taken to image attachment page. This is a very common issue but often gets unnoticed. Also, it is one of the major causes that creates internal duplicate content. Your URL would look like.


This will not add any value to your content and furthermore, it would be termed as a duplicate content without any reason. So, it is highly recommended to take precautions while adding images in the post. You can avoid this situation by using Permalink of the Yoast SEO plugin. It will not only give effective results but also fast, unlike other methods.

Canonical URL

It is one of the most important aspects of on-page SEO. Also, this is one the most common cause that leads to the creation of duplicate content. By setting up canonical URL, you are directing search engine robots to which link they should index. You can avoid this by either Yoast SEO plugin or by manually adding codes before head section.


Aforementioned are the best fixes for an internal duplicate content in WordPress. I hope this might have been helpful for you in some way or the other. So, go ahead and solve you duplicate content issues if you have any in your WordPress.

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