How to Fix Google Webmaster Tool Site Crawl Errors

How to Fix Google Webmaster Tool Site Crawl Errors

How to Fix Google Webmaster Tool Site Crawl Errors – Are you looking for the ways to fix Google webmaster tool site crawl errors? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have compiled some of the best methods to fix crawl errors in Google webmaster tool site. This is a very ideal SEO tool that you can get for your blog or website. This will allow you to take full care of the health of your website.

How to Fix Google Webmaster Tool Site Crawl Errors

Google webmaster tool is very effective and beneficial not only for the bloggers but for any person in the digital world. It also allows you to implement various optimization techniques so that your website can improve overall in every way possible in terms of rankings, traffic, sales and much more.

What is a Google webmaster tool and its importance?

Google search console, a new name for Google webmaster tool is a free web service by Google that allows webmasters to check the indexing status and optimizing visibility of the website. It is very important and it comes with various tools that let you do the following things.

  • You can check and submit a sitemap.
  • It allows you to check the crawl rate.
  • You can list the internal and external pages linked to a particular site.
  • Also you can do certain changes that will give mobile users a good experience.
  • You can also get a list of URL and links that is facing difficulty in crawling.
  • Receive notifications from Google for the manual penalties.
  • You can demote site links for certain search results.

What are crawl errors in Google webmaster tool site?

Crawl errors in webmaster tool site means an error in the whole website and not just in a single web page. Google webmaster tool is divided into two types and they are site errors and URL errors. Site errors are in the whole website and URL errors means they are present in a specific web page. Below listed are the sub types of crawl errors.

  • DNS erros
  • Server errors
  • Robots failure

Site errors are the high level errors that can damage your website badly and ruin the brand image forever. You must be sure to not skip fixing these types of errors. In the crawl error dashboard you can find the list of errors in 9o days. On an ideal you should check daily for the crawl errors to maintain the website.

How to fix Crawl errors in Google webmaster tool site?

It is very essential to fix crawl errors in Google webmaster tool site to maintain your overall website and its reputation in the digital world. These errors can spoil the image in seconds so below mentioned are the best ways to fix the crawl errors effectively.

  • The easiest way to fix these errors is to mark them as fixed and they will be removed from the site in few time.
  • Also you can use several tools to get rid of crawl errors.
  • If you have a DNS error then your fetch as Google will not work, and will redirect you to further steps to solve it. Follow them and you will be free from crawl errors.
  • In case of server errors you can use fetch as Google to check Googlebot can currently crawl your site. If Google returns the content on your site then your site is being properly accessed.
  • If it’s a robot failure then ensure that your robots.txts is properly configured. Double check the pages you are instructing the Googlebot to crawl.
  • For URL errors, make sure you are not redirecting broad amount of dead pages to your home page.


You definitely do not want to ruin your website’s image in the online world. Therefore it is mandatory to make sure that your website is doing well and by this I mean it is without any crawl errors. They are the high level errors that are not at all good for your website. So, follow the above mentioned ways to get rid of crawl errors from Google webmaster tool site.

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