Facebook Marketing for eCommerce

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce becomes one of the most important marketing technique for online shopping store who want to make their own brand. As we all aware of the fact that Facebook is the most popular social media portal. It is having 1.59 billion active users worldwide in which India. And has become the second largest country who have 112 million Facebook users. So for eCommerce stores it becomes most important to advertise their products on Facebook in order to get more user engagement.

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce

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But Implementing Facebook marketing techniques for eCommerce sites. You need an Social media marketing agency who can provide you the best FB marketing services. So that you can not only increase the user engagement for your products but also generate revenue from that. So if you are in search of best Facebook Marketing agency for eCommerce. Then WebHopers is the best alternative for your business growth. We have a team of experienced SMM experts. Who has 6+ years of experience in running paid advertisements on Facebook for online stores. And have proven track record of their results.

Why Facebook Marketing for eCommerce is Important?

Facebook is a corporation and online social networking sites which is launched in Feb 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Now in 2016 it becomes number 1 social networking site who has billions of active users across the world. As we above mentioned that implementing Facebook marketing for online shopping stores is must. The reason behind is billion of user base. So it become more important for the eCommerce stores to run Facebook ads. It is an old saying that whatever marketing channels you use it’s never be enough for business.

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce

So the business owners who owns eCommerce sites and want to grow immensely. Then FB is the best social media portal. But now the question arises why Facebook ads for eCommerce is important? The main reasons are

  • From stats it is clear that Facebook ads has ROI of 152% for eCommerce stores.
  • It is the most used social media portal who has unexceptional user base.
  • For eCommerce branding it is the most recommended site which help new brand owners to increase the product engagement.

Types of Facebook Marketing Services for eCommerce WebHopers Provides

There are several types of Facebook Ads. Which our FB marketing experts runs in order to generate revenue by increasing the user engagement. So there are several types of Facebook ads for eCommerce which we run are

  • Dynamic Product Ads: It is one of the most important Facebook advertisement module for eCommerce stores who has highest chances of getting more ROI for your shopping store. It is the method which our eCommerce Facebook advertising experts use to increase the chances of bringing back customers by showing tailored based ads on their activity on your eCommerce site. In this our Facebook marketing experts upload product catalog images with product name, price, image etc. After that your custom audience is set by them so that you can only get engagement for the customers of your domain. After that dynamic templates has been created by them and at last display product ads has been set up.
  • Multi Product Ads: It is the another eCommerce Facebook marketing technique which our experts use to show multiple products in single ad. With the help of this you can give more options to the customers to choose best product accordingly. But most of the people thinks that it’ll distract users. Yes they think right but in one way. If you use multi products ads smartly then you can increase your CTR for 50% to 300% and reduce your CPC to 35%. It is the most efficient cost effective solution for eCommerce portals.

Our More eCommerce FB marketing

  • We also provide conversion tracking installation services so that we can track customer behavior on your online shopping store and filter the strategy.
  • We also have a special team for eCommerce Facebook advertisements who mainly runs general re targeting campaigns. The reason behind implementing Facebook re-targeting campaigns is that for eCommerce stores 72% of people avoid shopping after visiting the store. So without implementing retargerting your eCommerce store gets only 8% of customers who’ll back to buy but after implementing retargeting the percentage hikes to 26%.
  • We also use video advertisement services provided by Facebook in order to increase the more user engagement by highlighting your brand story in video.

Benefits of Choosing Our Facebook Marketing Company for eCommerce

Now the question arises that what benefits you’ll get after choosing our Facebook marketing Services for eCommerce stores. The main benefits are illustrated below

  • 100% results guarantee.
  • Known for building Facebook marketing strategy from the scratch.
  • Help more than 15+ eCommerce Start ups in increasing ROI by running Facebook advertisements with proven track records.
  • You’ll get a special team who work with full passion having 6+ years of experience and already grow brand value of several eCommerce stores in India and other part of globe.

Location which our Facebook Marketing Agency for eCommerce Stores Serves

Our FB Advertising company for eCommerce sites serves all over the globe but there are other specific cities of India where we got more response like Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida and other countries like US, Canada, Vancouver, Southhall, London U.K etc.

So if you want your eCommerce store to grow at rapid rate then contact WebHopers for Best eCommerce FB marketing services for relevant user engagement with proper branding.

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Address – SCO 18, 2nd Floor, Sector 16, Panchkula, Haryana

Phone Number – +91 6000810002

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