What is a Doorway Page in SEO

What is a Doorway Page in SEO

What is a Doorway Page in SEO – Do you want your website to rank higher on the search engine results? The obvious answer would be yes. Who does not want their website to rank high and attract most number or people? Doorway page is a very effective way used in the SEO to bring top ranks in the search engine results. If you are still not aware of what is it then we will try our best to boost your knowledge.

What is a Doorway Page in SEO

Doorway pages are very important if you really desire to get high ranks on search engine results. This is one of the most effective and beneficial tactic in SEO that can actually improve the ranking of your website. All you need to do is to implement it carefully and smartly so that its negativity cannot affect your website.

Doorway page – An important SEO technique

Doorway page known by many names such as Jump page, entry page or a bridge page is basically a page that is designed specifically to gain higher ranks on the search engines. Or simply they are the pages that are optimized to rank high for one or two keywords. Doorway pages are programmed with a fast Meta refresh or a redirect that takes user to the page where the website actually wants them to visit. Many websites use this to secure the top ranks on the search engines.

Pros of Doorway pages in SEO

Doorway page is a useful technique in SEO to bring higher ranks. There are many other advantages to ponder on in case you are fenced whether to use them or not. Scroll down to know the advantages of using doorway pages in Search engine optimization.

  • Doorway pages are indexed very quickly. Thereafter, they rank higher on the search engines as well.
  • These pages have the ability to draw genuine and fast traffic to the website.
  • You will get instant results.
  • Doorway pages are very easy to set up.
  • Doorway pages represent that relevant portion or page of a specific website.
  • The user is redirected to a single page despite of having so many other locations.
  • Similar pages help the search results in browseable hierarchy.

Cons of Doorway pages in SEO

As the coin has two sides, everything has its own pros and cons. We discussed above about the pros of bridge pages. Here we will let you know about the cons of doorway pages. Or how can you prevent the negatives of them in your website.

  • Sometimes the user gets directed to empty pages.
  • Doorway pages can sometimes direct you to spam pages.
  • Sometimes it redirects user to duplicate content even if the original content is present.
  • Eventually it forms a bad impression of the website and also creates a bad user experience.

Difference between landing page and Doorway page

Now you might have been wondering the difference between the two terms. Anyone can get confused between these two pages for the obvious reasons. They both direct users to another page. The main thing that differentiates them is that landing pages also known as the sell pages direct users to any crucial page of the website. Doorway pages usually direct user to a destination page where the website owners actually want user to visit. So they are the best possible differences between these two. Therefore, do not let these two terms mislead you.


Doorway pages can really secure the top ranks for you in the search engine results if you use them creatively and smartly. If you are still not using them then it is the right time to use them for the welfare of your website. So go ahead and start improving the ranking of your website. But make sure overusing of doorway pages in SEO creates problems. If you are overusing this then this thing can create site penalty issues,

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