Digital Marketing Trends In Hotel Industry

Digital marketing trends in hotel industry

Digital Marketing Trends In Hotel Industry – The power of internet cannot be denied. The world is on the single screen and is digitizing daily. Are you an hotelier? Looking for latest digital marketing trends in hotel industry? 2017 has been a refreshing start for all, you can actually feel it. The hotel industry is fast mushrooming at an increasing rate. If you are not following the trends, surely your competitor will apply them and win the race. More than 90% of people connect with hotels online which makes digital marketing a must for hoteliers.

Digital marketing trends in hotel industry

Technology has taken over the world within few years. When people were unaware of the word “Internet”, the digital world builds it base! Now every hotelier wants his name on the list of first pages to get on the top. Traditional marketing is a benefit for those who get personal but digital marketing help you grab those eyes which went ignored. In this blog, you will read about some of the best digital marketing trends in hotel industry in 2016-2017.

Google+ In Trend

Google+ profile is rising enormously. Have you seen the film strip like feature of Google search page? Carousel is the name. It showcases different categories from movies to hotels. If you want to get featured on this, it is suggestive to optimize the Google+ profile regularly. Who knows you can get to feature there. It increases the sales and booking higher than expectation. Sitelinks are also a great feature showcasing four to six links of your website effectively. One of the main things to do is maintain a Google+ profile.

Make Your Hotel Mobile Friendly

Mobile is the new friend and is sure to stay for decades to come. Currently, mobile contributes to 25% of the aggregate travel market. It is expected to grow more in 2017. Being in hotel business, you need to own an app, so that your customers can connect to you. If you are new to the business, then surely you can invest on making a good customer friendly websites. These websites should be optimized at a level, that they are mobile friendly. It should not take long to load on the small screen.

Make Your Presence On Every Social Media Platform

Social media can never fade. Most of the time, people use it to see their notifications, tagS, messages etc being shared on these platforms. Target the popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Scoopit!, Pinterest. These days, social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are at rise, you can make an account here. You can share your contents of important links here. It is a part of Social Media Marketing. This helps you multiple sales to booking multiple times by building a brand image.

Platforms like Snapchat, Meerkat & Periscope offer momentum marketing. The [posts and photos are momentary and are available only for a few time or even seconds. Start your “Now or Never” campaign to arouse the curiosity of your brand. You can use to float coupons and discounts for attracting customers. You may need to invest in advertisements to constantly play on social media. This is because social media algorithms are modified in a way that help promote and influence consumers.

Online Is The New Fad

Travelers love hotels which have online facilities! Booking abandonment tool is a great way to influence and drive traffic towards your website. Post demonetization, India has been a breeding ground for banking and online facilities.  Mobile payment has been one of the main trends to look up in 2017. Get yourself in link with online transactions through apps like Paypal etc.

Meta-Search At Rise

The year saw a rise on consumers comparing services, prices and many more. Through platforms like Trivago etc. people compare hotels prices to have a look many of its features. This is called meta-search. So, keep it in mind which is trending this year and coming years.

Audio-Visual & Influencer Marketing

Video is at rise. The brain gives visual information 90% rather words. So, invest a good time on beautiful images and traveler blogs. This influences the customers mind very well. Your services will predict the influencer which is the customers. The travelogues make a great deal with indirect promotion. It is called influencer marketing when people share, tag or post about your service.


Digital marketing is the trending one. Investing in online marketing can actually help you garner more profits. Being in hotel business, you need to build a brand name and attract good customers for better leads and a returns.

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