Digital Marketing For Pharma Companies

Digital Marketing for Pharma Companies

Digital Marketing For Pharma Companies – One cannot deny the power of online marketing for pharmaceutical industry is taking the world by storm. As we all know the upcoming generation and time is the era of online business. Even the people all over the world are well versed with internet in their hand. So it the reason that the pharma companies are going towards internet marketing.  Call 6000810002 for our Pharma online marketing services.

Internet Marketing for Pharma Companies

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The Pharma industry is well connected by a link of HCP or Health Care Professionals, Companies & Third parties. The traditional form of business is outdated with newer technology carving out the way. The world is on the screen in a single click. With 3G & 4G paving its way, one can imagine the visitors that can be converted to potential customers. Digital Marketing is the potential term used for the modern promotional tactic.

How Is Digital Technology Affecting The Pharma World?

The Internet or Digital world has been connecting the industries son global platform. The pharmaceuticals industry has been rejoicing this benefit for sure. When you go online, you multiply your visibility a hundred times! This is the essence of online marketing for all.  How can it benefit the pharma companies? We have listed the benefits for you.

Presence of Customer Online:

If I say, 465 million internet users in India are potential consumers and internet marketing can help grab them for you? More people are engaged online rather wasting time on making futile research work.  We have some facts about them:

  • Almost 80% of patients are likely to search/ review or seek information on the medication being prescribed. Nearly 3 times more they are likely to search for that particular product made in the prescription by the doctor.
  • 68% or more than two-thirds of the patients prefer pharma companies through digital channels.
  • After medication, 75 % look for information on chronic diseases & 71% for healthcare services. It is a reason why many patients bring health information which was found online.

Online & Offline Sales Marketing:

Digital Marketing can actually boost up your sales! The Pharma companies can shell out loads of profit by applying this new marketing mix. Here are some facts:

  1. You save up 40% on traditional marketing.
  2. Companies embracing internet marketing have 8 times better revenues.
  3. If you are small to medium Pharma Company, internet marketing brings 3.3 times better chances of growth and expansion.

Tech Savvy Healthcare Professionals:

From doctors and physicians, everyone is spending some time daily on the Internet. Much time advises and prescriptions are being made daily. When we say online, does that really affect the pharma companies? Yes! It does.

  • The influence of internet research is such that one-third of doctors changed their patient’s treatment.
  • Online prescriptions made by doctors are more by 24 per week. Thus, more searches online.
  • An average physician spends 8 hours a week online.

A pharma Company can surely benefit a lot from digitalizing their services online. For this, you need to have the best beside you. WebHopers Solution is the best Digital Marketing Company for Pharma Companies across the nation.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Pharma Companies Grow?

If you are a Pharma Company, you have understood the aspect of going digital with the services to attract more consumers. More than 70% of the population never turns to another webpage for searches & more than 90% potential customers go online for services. If you grab those consumers, you can imagine the huge profit that you can make out of it.

  1. Online Marketing Can help your website get maximum visitors turned into potential customers.
  2. You can increase your online & offline sales especially if you work as PCD pharma franchise.
  3. The Pharma Companies get to have their products a brand image.
  4. With sales shooting up, you get to earn more which means more returns.
  5. You get the chance to grow on a global platform.

How Is WebHopers The Best For Digital Marketing Services For Pharma Company?

Did you know 81% of consumers make a research first before making a purchase or service! It is the correct time to make an online presence which can only be possible. We specialize in all services of online marketing which are as follows:

  • Unique Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Meta tag creation & data,
  • Provide Link Building, Backlinks, Interlinks & tags breadcrumb navigation,
  • Heading tags optimization,
  • Image optimization,
  • Off Page Optimization,
  • On-page optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail Direct Marketing
  • Much more.

So if you are Looking for best Online Marketing Company for pharma industry then WebHopers should be your first choice. We specialize in all aspect of services like SEO, SEM, Content marketing, PPC, SMM etc. Our teams of experts are certified by Google Adwords to give you the best rank and lead conversion. For best experiences contact us at +91 6000810002 or Skype at WebHopers.

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