How to Develop Article Marketing Strategy for Online Business

How to Develop Article Marketing Strategy for Online Business

How to Develop Article Marketing Strategy for Online Business – Are you starting an online business? Want a good tip for good results. Content is the new king! No matter what strategy you are thinking or trending, contents or article are the undefeated name everywhere. From Google to Bing to Yahoo!, your article can help boost the ranking to an unimaginable height. Know how to develop article marketing strategy for online business.

How to Develop Article Marketing Strategy for Online Business

The frequent publishing of posts gives you an unimaginable boost of 434% of more indexed pages. This means 97% of more indexed links. Links are an important aspect for Bing searchers if you want to optimize here. Google also suggest writing good quality article for better ranking. Same goes with Yahoo! Search engine. Are a newly established business? Want to start an online business? If you are looking for content marketing strategies for online opportunities, then we can help you.

Why Content Or Article Marketing An Important Aspect Of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is nothing with contents. From your blogs to posts to even your website needs contents to display. Your links which are used as backlinks etc are made out of the articles that you publish. These help build up your website the image in the public and gift ranks on search engines. Being genuine is the key but how to show? Contents are the reason. More the people will read, more influential will be the work.

Here are some reasons why you should consider article marketing strategies to your business online:

  • Contents help in increasing the visibility of your website and blogs.
  • Being real is the key which helps in better building public relationships.
  • Visitors can be transformed into consumers i.e. better lead generation.
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo! Appreciates good articles by gifting you better rankings.
  • Increase Return on investment with time.

Tips For Online Businessmen To Develop Content or Article Marketing Strategy

Online business is the new fad. With growth of online businesses like,, etc, it helps you make good money. SEO focuses on a wider scope of digital marketing but surely you cannot rely on PPC every time. Genuine leads are the main things. Content marketing is the thing which can help you in achieving success and rankings effectively. Here are some tips on how to develop article marketing strategy for online business.

Strategies For Content or Article Marketing:

  1. You need to have a strategy no matter what target you keep. Whether you aim at selling products, writing reviews, attracting leads etc, you NEED to have a strategy for right direction. Strategy should have plans which aim at maximizing results.
  2. Plan your keywords according to your business. You can use Google Keyword Planners tool or use SEMrush for better keyword search. Making a list of those keywords ois a good practice. Revise those keywords frequently.
  3. It is best to go with long tail keywords more using two to more keywords together to use in artucle.
  4. Length is an important aspect in Bing, Google & Yahoo!. Write an article which should be at least 300+ In Bing and 250+ in Google when publishing. Better the length better will be the outcome.
  5. If a keyword is giving good result constantly then try writing more using it but differently utilizing.
  6. Never try black hat trick or cloaking for better ranking if your articles. On the other hand, keyword stuffing is complete no.
  7. Use alternative words i.e. synonyms of keywords as Google and Bing gibe weightage to it.
  8. Being consistent is the rule. Publish at least 15 articles in a month for best results.
  9. It is best to add videos, images and presentations to your articles. Brains gives out 9% results in visual to that of text.
  10. Submit your articles to different directories as far as possible. It helps create backlinks. If you write 3 in a day and submit to 10 directories, it means to earn 60 backilinks.
  11. Pour your heart out when writing as it should be unique.


Articles are an important aspect. You can increase your indexes multiple folds. This can increase your presence and indulge with the customers. Invest some time and keep the consistency to achieve a better rank on any search engine you target. One thing that makes ranking strategy common in all is the content marketing. Heavy weight age and attention is being paid as a result of genuine aspect produced by those posts.

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