What Is CTR And Impact Of CTR In SEO

What is CTR and impact of CTR in SEO

What is CTR and Impact of CTR in SEO –  CTR stands for click-through rate. As its name is indicating what exactly the CTR is. Click through rate calculates the ratio of the internet users who have viewed the ad to the user’s impressions on that ad. CTR (click through rate) = Number of click/Number of impressions. So, if in case you are not aware of the details of CTR then do not worry. Here, we will let you know about CTR and its impact on SEO. 

What is CTR and impact of CTR in SEO

It works on the principle of conversions. Conversion means that how many viewers have become a customer after clicking on the display ad. It helps in knowing the user or viewer percentage who are interested in the piece of information of an attached advertisement. CTR is a technique for knowing your ad effectiveness.

What are the features of CTR?

Everything is going online and digitalization is becoming the major revolution in the present time. Gone is the time when ads are published in newspapers or any other offline media. Now different business firms and persons have understood the value of online advertising and are adapting themselves accordingly. A number of ads are being published on different online media. Because the internet users population is becoming huge. So the tools like CTR can better help you in this context. CTR holds the following features

  • A first and foremost feature of the CTR is that it helps in knowing the ratio of viewers and impressions related to an online ad.
  • With the help of CTR, you can easily check the number of people who have viewed your ad.
  • CTR also helps in knowing the conversions i.e., how many people are seeing, clicking and becoming a customer of that attached ad.
  • Click through rate helps benefits the advertiser as well as publisher. When there is a high CTR, the publisher will automatically get large revenues and same is the case with the advertiser. Advertiser will get the benefit by a number of conversions they will get.
  • It helps in checking the effectiveness of an online ad campaign. The number of times your add get clicked, more effective is the ad campaign.
  • Click through rate let you know the areas of improvement. To get maximum conversions, you need to work on your ads.
  • Email marketing ad campaigns can also be judged on the effectiveness criteria. The number of people visits the link you mailed to them, more will be the CTR.
  • To improve your ad CTR, you must be intelligent enough to attach the ads at the right place. Always place your ad at a most relevant search engine result page (SERP). e.g., if someone is searching for the best air conditioner brand, you can place your air-conditioner company’s product ad at that place.
  • While attaching an ad to a website or page, you must take care of many factors. You can attract the customer towards your ad by adding some strong words which can better attract them become a conversion viewer.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing tool which helps you get the maximum traffic on your website. This traffic can be from either an organic, natural or free search results. SEO helps your website in improving the ranking of your website.

SEO helps in getting the maximum number of customers to your website. It is highly helpful when you are having your website, online store or blog,. SEO can help you better get maximum viewers and customers to your products. People trust the search engine and it influences the interests and buying behavior of the customers to a large extent. So to come at the very first search result, SEO is very helpful. And this can only be possible when you post the most relevant and useful content, usage of meta and alt tags, timely content and information update.

How do CTR impact SEO?

CTR is one of the important metrics which can help you in improving your ranks. SEO is a tool which make your website rank higher in the SERP. There are different techniques in SEO by which you can raise the traffic on a particular website. As you are well acquainted with the fact that click-through rate is helpful in knowing the effectiveness of the ad campaign or ads attached to a search result. Higher the CTR value, better and effectiveness is the ad will be.

There are several experiments being held on this topic i.e. the impact of CTR in SEO or is CTR an important or key ranking factor in SEO. Some results show that yes it is a key ranking factor but there are results with the opposite conclusion. So CTR is an unpredictable factor in SEO ranking.

You cannot fully depend upon only CTR factor for better rankings and even should not neglect the CTR factor. CTR helps to judge the number of interested viewers or customers to your ad campaign. The more relevant and useful people find your ads to their search, more visitors will be there on your site. This will result in more impressions and may result in conversions. It can play an important factor in improving your search engine rankings. If more people are visiting your website link or ad in a SERP, the chances of ranking high in SEO is possible. But it can only enhance the SEO ranking to a very small amount. There are some cases where even if the CTR is high, there is no effect on the SEO ranking.


In the end, if we have to conclude about click-through rate impact on SEO, then we will probably ask you to use it in your ranking factor kit. You neither can use it alone for ranking nor can you neglect it. Right keywords, relevant content, and AdWords will help your website rank higher.

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