How To Create A WordPress Plugin

How To Create A WordPress Plugin

How to Create a WordPress Plugin – You might be aware of what WordPress plugins are if you are involved in the SEO world. They play an important role in customizing and organizing a website to enhance the overall performance. WordPress is an amazing platform to work on further it comes with inbuilt features that allow you to create a plugin and extend it. If you do not know how to create a plugin then here we will discuss this topic in detail.

How To Create A WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins are quite famous and for all the good reasons. Now every other person is WordPress plugins to increase the performance of their website or blogs. WordPress plugins come with so many awesome features that you just cannot resist using them.

What are WordPress plugins?

A WordPress plugin is basically a program or a set of different and unique function that allows its user to easily modify, enhance and customize their website. Usually for doing all this, one has to change the core software of the website. But with WordPress plugins, you can add functionality in a website without changing anything. WordPress plugins are written in PHP language which makes doing thing more easy for you. Below are some of the advantages of using them.

  • WordPress plugins are easy to use.
  • They help in managing your website from any computer.
  • No HTML or FTP software is required.
  • You have proper control on your site.
  • They extend the functionality of the websites.
  • It will help in the growth of your business.
  • You can create multiple users.

Steps to create a WordPress plugin

Creating a WordPress plugin is extremely easy. You just need to follow some steps carefully to get the best results. So here are some of the important steps that you need to follow to successfully create a WordPress plugin for your website. Scroll down to check them out.

Name of the plugin

Most of the times you can choose from the variety of options for plugins available in WordPress. But in case if you want to use a plugin that is not listed in the WordPress then you need to mention the name of it. You should be creative enough to choose a name. The name of your plugin can increase the bond between you and your customers if it is a good one.

Starting off

Below listed are some of the crucial steps that you need to follow while creating and starting off with a plugin in WordPress.

  • Navigate to the folders options there you will see a folder called plugins.
  • Add a new file in it.
  • Add some features in it that are required for the creation of a plugin.
  • After the addition of settings save the files.
  • Then after saving them, click on plugins on the left side navigation and search for your newly made plugin.
  • Even if the plugin is empty you need to activate it. So activate it and notice the different changes in the website.

Adding the plugin code

If you want to make custom post type then you need to add certain codes to the plugin. After the addition of the codes, you will see a different side of your site. Another thing you have to do is to test the plugins if they are working well or not. After the activation of the plugins, you will be able to see all the post you have made under one category. Isn’t that a super easy thing to do? Also, you can rely on the plugins to make new pages. If all the photos, content, videos are added successfully that means your plugin has been created and is working properly.


WordPress plugins are pretty much important for the improvement of your website. Not only this, but you will have an easy time working on the website. So if you were not aware of creating a plugin for WordPress then I hope this might have been helpful for you. So go ahead and create a WordPress plugin now.

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