How To Change Post URL Which Is Published Without Losing Any Traffic

How to Change Post URL which are published Without Losing Any Traffic

How to Change Post URL which is published Without Losing Any Traffic – Are you looking for the ways to change the post URL which is already published without losing any traffic? If yes, then this is the right place to be in to solve all your queries. Changing the URL can directly affect the traffic towards your website and changing it yourself can also damage your site. So, here we will discuss the best methods to change the Permalink of the post without harming the traffic. 

How to Change Post URL which are published Without Losing Any Traffic

If you are struggling to change the URL slug then there might be chances of the occurrence of the 404 errors. These type of errors usually damage the image of your website. Luckily, there are plenty of ways through which you can easily change the slug URL without affecting the amount of traffic directing towards your website.

What is post URL slug and Stop words?

Post slugs are basically the words that appear after your domain name. In order to make your website user and search engine friendly, you should not use the stop words. Instead of the stop words, you can just simply use the specific keywords that will definitely add to your website’s growth. Now, you might be wondering about the stops words. The words which are filtered and eliminated in a such in a search engine query are known as the stop words. They are not very much useful for the target audience. Instead, they will contribute in making your post less in the search engine activities.

Best methods to change the URL of the already Published post without affecting the traffic?

Most of the people end up damaging their website while changing the permalink on their own. It is very important to first know the basic of the URL slug and the effective ways to change it. To save you from the effort, we have brought you the best tips or steps that will surely help you to change the permalink of the post without damaging the incoming traffic.

  • When you publish a post and it is crawled and indexed by Google then are 100% chances of losing the audience prior to the change in the URL. Therefore, to avoid this situation you can take the help of the professional developers who can redirect your page to the new destination.
  • You can apply 301 and 302 redirects to guide your audience to the new location. This way you will have your URL changed without any loss in the incoming traffic towards your website. By using these redirects you can let Google and your users know that you are now shifted to a new place.
  • The another way to change the URL is by installing the plugins into a WordPress site. Install the Yoast Plugin SEO and your users will automatically be redirected to the new address of your website.

Things to remember while changing the URL

Even if you are following the right path and methods it is important for you to keep a few things in mind. If the below-listed points are not followed then also you can damage your website’s reputation. Scroll down to check them out and apply them the next time you change your URL.

  1. If you have set the 301 redirect, then it is better to edit the post slug.
  2. Make sure to that you are not losing any traffic while setting up the 301 redirect.
  3. Do not change the slug if your post appears at the highest ranking.
  4. Stop using the stop words and use specific and relevant keywords instead of them.


Most people terribly fail at changing the URL and thus end up hurting their traffic growth. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to follow the right steps with utmost care. Aforementioned are the best and effective methods you can implement while changing the permalink of the post. I hope this might have been useful for you in some ways. So, go ahead and now implement them in your online world to get the best results.

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