How To Change Font Size On WordPress Website

How to Change Font Size on Wordpress Website

How to change Font Size on WordPress Website – If we think about the things that makes the content looks great fonts would excel the list. They help in making a content look attractive to the viewers so eventually it further helps in getting high ranks and traffic. If you are a newbie and have no clue how to change the font size then we are here for you. Here we will discuss how you change the font size on a WordPress website.

How to Change Font Size on WordPress Website

Font size is much more important than you have ever thought of. Imagine browsing a website and not being able to read anything. The vision is annoying to the most extent. Therefore, while designing a website or writing a content it is very important to take font size into consideration.

How important is font size?

Font size is extremely important for numerous reasons. One cannot even think of writing the content in the same font size. Font size is one of the important factor that makes a content look good and also enhance the user’s experience in every possible way. Also, with different font sizes it is easy for readers to distinguish the headings and the content. Plus correctly used font sizes will not effect the vision of people. font sizes impacts both the accessibility and usability. Font size also plays a major role in conveying the exact message that you want to. Font size is an important parameter when you write content for the web.

Steps to change the font size of WordPress website

Now you might be wondering about how you can change the font size of WordPress website. You do not need to put effort in changing the font size. There are many ways by which you can make amendments in the font size and they are mentioned below in the list.

Using the paragraph headings

Headings have every reason to have fonts of bigger size because they are the major factor that attracts the people. If your heading is creative and easily visible then you can get more potential customers. You can use different heading styles by making changes into the paragraph option. You will see the available options under Paragraph tab and choose the one that suits your content. This not only change your font size but also has a huge on impact on the SEO. If you will choose the right font size there will be an immense increase in the traffic and ranks. This eventually will get you more profits and leads.

TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

This method is based on the one of the plugins that WordPress offers. Below mentioned are the steps that you can follow to change font size in WordPress website. Following these steps correctly will give you better results and absolutely correct font size in a content.

  • Activate this plugin in your WordPress account.
  • After the activation, go to the settings and then to TinyMCE settings to configure the editor settings.
  • In the editor settings you will get to see the tool bar with variety of options.
  • Now you have to drag the font size option from the unused column to any of the rows in the toolbar.
  • If you want to see the change then create a post and you will get to notice the big change in the toolbar option.
  • Now you can change font sizes of your wish anytime. But if you want to change the font size of the whole paragraph then you need to make changes in the styling options availble.


One element that stays consistent in vitality is the font size because of the obvious reasons. You obviously do not want your customers to have a hard time reading your content. So to prevent all this it is very important to know the importance of font size and I am sure this might have brushed up your knowledge. Above mentioned are the best ways you can implement in changing the font size in your WordPress website.

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