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Best SEO plugin for WordPress – Are you in the search for the best SEO plugins for WordPress? If yes, then this is the right place to be in. SEO plugins play a great role in making your WordPress website even more functional and attractive. They ease up every step possible to allow you to earn more and more profits out of your website. If you do not know the various SEO plugins then here we will discuss some of the best of them.

WordPress sites are already very functional and effective. But the different types of SEO plugins make them even more functional. Search engines are the major source of the traffic for most of the websites. These plugins eventually help in bringing more traffic towards your WordPress website.

The list of the most effective SEO plugins for WordPress

WordPress offers a variety of plugins for different purposes. Every SEO plugin has benefits of their own but you need to choose the ones that are capable enough to meet your requirements. Not every plugin is able to fulfill your expectations. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most effective and beneficial SEO plugins that can benefit you in more than one ways.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is one of the most used and downloaded plugins in the internet world. The reason behind this immense popularity and demand is the benefits it has in store for you. This is a comprehensive solution for all your SEO needs. Below listed are some of the features of this plugin that will allow you to download it right away.

  • It helps you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site.
  • You can also write a custom title for your main site, archives, category and tag pages.
  •  It also adds Open Graph meta data, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps and ping search engines whenever you update your site.


SEMrush is one of the another most effective SEO plugins that help you in improving the SEO of your website. You can basically use it to gather the analytics and help improve your own SEO. This will help in letting you know about the organic keywords to rank for, places where you can get backlinks from, insights into your competitor’s advertising strategies, and so much more. It is a paid subscription and is used by millions of people working in the same field.

Google Keyword Planner

Google is one of the most trusted, used search engines in the history of the internet. No one will ever the have enough information to beat Google at what it does. You can get your own keyword ideas by using this tool. One of the another reason to choose this SEO plugin is that it is available for free. This also helps the advertisers choose right keywords by showing them an estimate of search volume, number of results, and difficulty level.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is developed by Moz and you can avail its benefits for free. With the help of this SEO plugin, you can check the data for any domain name. You can easily keep a check on what your competitors are doing by checking what domain, anchor texts etc. they are using. This also helps in gathering the information about the top pages, linking domains etc.


This is one of the premium plugins that help you to keep a check on all the links on your website. You can monitor all the outgoing links on your site, find out which links are giving away link juice, and much more. It also helps in easily removing your spam links, anchor texts etc. in less time and efforts.


Aforementioned are the best SEO plugins that can help you in improving the SEO of your websites. All of them are incredibly effective and beneficial. You can choose any of them to get the best results and profits out of your WordPress Website.

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