Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

best blogging tools for beginners

Best blogging tools for beginners – Are you looking for the best blogging tools for beginners? If yes, then you are at the right place. Blogging is essential to be a part of the internet driven world. And if you run an online business then it can prove to be very helpful in taking the sales to new heights. There are thousands of options available to choose from but you need to pick up the most efficient one.

best blogging tools for beginners

Earlier blogging was just considered as a hobby but now many people made their careers out of this. Basically Blogging has come a really long way. There are plenty of blogging platforms but each works in a different way. It might happen what works for one perfectly may not work for you in the same way.

Why blogging is important?

Blogging is now no longer done for the fun or hobby purpose, it has now become an effective marketing tactic. You can drive a lot of traffic towards your business through the blogs. Later if people will like your blog or content then those traffic will be converted into leads. And the end results will be high ranks, lots of traffic and profits. Other methods are not as useful and beneficial as blogging is. It gives you long term results and potential customers.

Top Blogging tools for beginners

We have prepared a list of the most effective and beneficial tool for beginners. These tools help a lot in starting a new blogging journey. Also, highly professional bloggers can benefit from these tools. If you are a newbie then these tools will definitely make you a confident and successful blogger so that you can easily win over your competition.


WordPress is one of the most effective blogging tool or platform in existence. There are many blogging platforms but none of them are as good as the WordPress. You many find difficulty at once to use it because of the excellent features it offers. But once you are used to it the time investment will be all worth. WordPress has themes and plugins and many other features that enable you to kick start the amazing blogging journey.


Blogger is owned by the Google itself so you can never have trust issues with it. If you are finding any kind of difficulty in operating the aforementioned then Blogger is best for you. It has super simple design, you can set up your own design within minutes. Also publishing of the blog does not take enough time. So your investment of time will not go in vain.


This is yet another an amazing blogging tool that comes with excellent features. It is both good for the professional and for the starters. Professionals can have the overall control and for the starters it has some really simple features that helps them to understand the basic first. You can use this for online business blogs and for everything beyond.


There cannot be a rare possibility that anyone have not heard of Tumblr. This is micro blogging site and any newbie can use this amazing platform to achieve blogging goals. It is easy and fun to use because of some unique features it have. Simple to use, excellent features make it the the most liked blogging platform.


Weebly is a superb tool for the beginners. If you are new into the online world and do not have any experience of blogging then this blogging platform will help you to understand basics and do better. You will be able to set up a professional looking blog within few minutes. So it has everything to be your choice for the blogging platform.


Blogging platforms are really important to achieve you dreams and goals. Above mentioned are the best blogging tools that you can choose from to start your blogging journey. These blogging tools are the best that will give you the perfect platform to nourish your blogging skills and earn profit through it.

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