Benefits of Internal Linking In SEO

Benefits of Internal Linking In SEO

Benefits of Internal Linking In SEO – You might have heard the term internal linking thousands of time in SEO. But do you actually know what is it and why it is important for SEO? If not, then you will get to know the numerous benefits of internal linking in SEO here. Internal linking has become very important nowadays for the to get desired results in SEO. It is very beneficial for Search engine optimization. If you are still not using this effective medium to increase ranks and position. Then you are seriously missing out on something. So in this blog i am going to share one of the untold secret of implementing internal linking in SEO with benefits.

Benefits of Internal Linking In SEO

What is an internal link?

Before telling the benefits of internal linking in SEO let have a brief overview regarding the what an internal link is about. An internal link is basically a link from one page to another page in the same domain. Or an internal link is a link that points to another page in the same website. These type of links are very important for a website because it allows to gain more traffic and users to navigate the website properly.

Why it is Important in ON Page SEO?

ON Page SEO is the old technique which become more important and thing to focus to implement SEO techniques in 2016. So in order to pass link juice from one page to another internal links provide the path. One more thing when it comes to beat top level of competitors you need strong internal linking strategy. So this is the main reason that internal links are important part of ON page SEO optimization.

Benefits of Internal Linking In SEO

Benefits of internal links in SEO

Now, internal links have become a major part that plays a great role in improving SEO and ultimately the website. Internal links have so many other advantages and they are discussed below in the list.

  • Internal linking helps you to connect your previous blogs in the new ones which will eventually give viewers a chance to relate the things. This is one of major advantage that internal linking provides.
  • Bounce rate is one of the worst nightmares that bloggers can get. Google only identify and give ranks to the websites that have low bounce rates. Internal linking helps in reducing bounce rates.
  • Internal linking helps in increasing the page views which will eventually lead to the reduction of bounce rate. Hence, you will get higher ranks.
  • More will be the inbound links higher will be the ranks on the search engines.
  • Internal linking to the old blog post also improve their ranks too.
  • Internal linking will bring more engagement from the viewers. If you will provide good facilities then viewers would will to read more posts from you.
  • Ranking will increase drastically once you start posting good quality content and interlink them with the same topics.
  • It helps Google to crawl the site.
  • Internal linking provides relevant data to the viewers and in this way they will visit your site time and again.
  • Internal links pass the link juice.

How to use internal linking for more benefits in SEO?

Viewers are pretty smart enough so you should be very careful in using internal linking in SEO. If you will follow internal linking in the right way then you will get more profits and benefits. Below mentioned are the directions to use it in right way.

  • Internal links strategy can only be successful if you will have lots of internal pages to link. Create lots of content and link them properly and carefully in the website.
  • Use anchor text for more perfection.
  • The deeper will be your links, better will be results that you will get. You should avoid using home page and contact us types of links.
  • Use links that seems natural to the user.
  • Use relevant links that do not distract the viewers.
  • Follow links are the best when it comes to create a architecture of your website. Use as much as of follow links and the results will be outstanding.
  • You might have heard the famous sayings, excess of anything is bad. Therefore, you should follow this in your website too. Do not indulge yourself in putting more links to the site.

Why should you focus on Internal linking in SEO?

Content is very important and beneficial when it comes to increase the ranks of websites. High quality content will always give you good positions and ranks. But if you want more benefits then a content is not enough you have to get started with the internal linking as well. Internal linking has proved to upgrade the ranks and positions in the search engines.

This also helps in easy indexing and crawling of the sites. Overall if you will use internal linking in your website then your viewers will increase and they will have better experience of reading blogs. So if you do not use internal linking then it is right time to get started with it.

So if you have been looking for the benefits of internal linking in SEO then I hope this might have helped you in some way. Now you are aware of the advantages it has to provide so go ahead and now start linking pages of your website. The results will be worth your time and effort and you will surely get a hike in the results and ranks.

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