Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing – Do you own a website or portal? Want to make the maximum presence online? If your company, business or organization owns a website, surely it would have been suggested to do content marketing. The companies which have adopted contents as a marketing strategy have 434% more indexed pages. When contents are linked with social media, the profit multiplies a hundred times. Want to know the benefits of content marketing? In this post, we have listed it all for you.


Benefits of Content marketing

Marketing mix has a something which is trending and is soon going to make big in future. You guess it right! Content marketing is trending nowadays. Companies to even businesses have found more profit when contents strategies have been optimized and new trends being applied. What are the actual benefits of content marketing for everyone? Content marketing is part of digital marketing process.

One thing I’d like to make it clear that Digital Marketing has scope for every business whether Pharma, Blogging, event managers, local companies etc. No matter what business you own, marketing online can take patience but not disappoint you for long.

Some Facts & Figures Related To Content Marketing

Google Ranking has been a good topic of debate for many. The 90s & 20s has seen rising up of good marketing mix. Now if you rank good, you surely earn good. Before we jump onto the advantages, we would like to share some facts & statistics based on content marketing and their influence on the consumers and industries.

  • Blogs using unique contents give 434% more indexed pages & 97% more indexed links.
  • Blogging 15 times in a month can raise 5 times better traffic than those who do not.
  • Companies owning active blogs get 87% more leads.
  • 90% of the customers believe in custom content provided by a blog.
  • Almost 70% of consumer prefers articles over ads when it comes to knowing about a company.
  • 329 million people read blogs every month.
  • 86% to 91% marketers use content marketing for increasing sales & leads.
  • Visualization of brain accounts to 60,000 times faster than text. The reason being 90% of information that comes out is visual in nature.
  • Contents using Images and videos get 94% more views than plain content.
  • More than 80% of consumers prefer connecting with brands on Social Media like Facebook.

There are more to the facts on content marketing which can be helpful for your business. The main things behind creating a quality content is building a brand reputation & creating its awareness. On the other hand, It helps in a lot of ways.

Top Advantages Of Content Marketing For Everyone

Whether you are a blogger or businessman, we all have one target being the same i.e. maximize the presence. How can you do it? Well! Content marketing is the tool which can help you.  There are benefits of content marketing also which are as follows:

Increases The Visibility Of Your Blog/ Website

You need to publish at least 15 times which is a advice for everyone if you want the presence to be felt. Writing a unique content is not enough, you need to share it on other social platforms too like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This helps you build a brand image & recognition time to time.

Builds Relationship With The Customers

Be real and Be yourself is the mantra here! Content marketing helps you build the trust within your circle of customers and the new ones. The better will be relation when promote your services through your blogs in a better way. This in return nurtures the relation between you and your customers. Content marketing helps convert those disasters to potential customers by entrusting them. With services being rendered, it helps build the chain or host of loyal customers.

Improves Lead Generation

Do you want to target a specific audience? Want to get the right pick of consumers?  Content marketing has been a point where you actually write for the target specific audience. You get to share on various channels to that specific group for betterment. Surely! Marketing tactics works well for this. All thanks to inbound links, back links etc. even displaying ads have helped get the right audience.

Better Google Ranking

Content marketing will actually help you get more indexed page and more visibility. This directly affects the Google ranking when you do the indexing. Keywords analysis is also a part of it which affects the search ranking. Regular optimization helps a blog or website to crawl to the top pages where 75% of people love to search.

Positive Return On Investment

Every work in business line needs investment whether it is time, money or both. We expect a good return on invest which should be as per our expectation. Adopting Content marketing can help you maximize you returns. The more visible you are, the more likely you are to make a sale or service. the reason being, content marketing attracts people who are really interested in your services.

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