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Google Algorithm Updates | Latest Updates 2016 To Enhance Search Ranking

Google algorithm updates are one of the most hottest topic in online marketing especially in SEO. These algorithms are launched by Google in 2011 in order to provide users more relevant search data. These algos helps Google to understand that which website should be ranked on top. It become the history changer for those who work according to the updates.

Types of Google Algorithms

There are several types of things which google updates in order to increase the search quality and are

  1. Google Panda update (launched by Google in 2011) in order to filter sites who has duplicate & thin content issues.
  2. Google Penguin Update (Launched in 2012) in order to filter the site who has done large number of spammy link building.
  3. Humming Bird (Launched in 2013). This algorithms has the record of affecting more than 80% of search queries. In this algorithm synonyms are being filtered which has same meaning but way of presentation is different.
  4. Pigeon Update (Launched in 2014) in order to provide more filtered data for local businesses.
  5. Google Phantom Update (Launched on 2015). It is for knowledge base blogging so that user can get more quality information with proper conclusions.
  6. Most latest update by Google is that making algorithms real time with the core search algorithms. Google Panda & Google penguin 4.0 is the examples.
September 25, 2016
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