Advanced Facebook Marketing Technique Which Increases Your Leads

Advanced Facebook Marketing Technique Which Increases Your Leads

Advanced Facebook Marketing Technique Which Increases Your Leads – Every business wants to get the best results for their investment. More leads and more revenue is the prime goal of any investment on Facebook ads or marketing. But, is Facebook is providing you the leads that you are looking for? With the simple changes or optimization, Facebook Marketing can bring you a lot of business. WebHopers has summed up the Advanced Facebook Marketing Technique Which Increases Your Leads.

Advanced Facebook Marketing Technique Which Increases Your Leads

Before we dive into the Advance Facebook Marketing Techniques in order to generate more leads, let’s first understand what are the different types of lead.

What are different types of lead?

Leads are of two types, with the proper optimization and effective marketing strategies you can generate the good leads on your advertisement. Here are the two types of leads:

Direct Lead – The direct leads are generated by sharing the content that links directly to a form on your website where the visitors can share the information in exchange for an offer. The offer could be any whether that an e-book coupons, infographic or any other piece of content.

Indirect Leads – The indirect leads are generated by using the Facebook on the path to the conversation. The example of this is if you shared a blog post that had a call-to-action to a landing page at the bottom of the post, your initial Facebook share is helping the direct visitors to that landing page.

Effective Lead Generating tips for Facebook Marketing

You can easily generate a good amount of leads from the Facebook marketing if you know all the right and effective tips to optimize your ads. Following are steps of Advanced Facebook Marketing Technique Which will Increase Your Leads

Post landing pages for offers directly to Facebook

One of the best ways to generate the leads on Facebook is by directly sending people landing pages for lead-generating offers. When you this, make sure the offer which you are directly sending has a compelling feature image that’s getting pulled into the Facebook post.

Post the blog posts that generate the most leads

The another way to generate the Facebook leads is from the content that your team is producing. You can simply pick the blog post which will generate the most of the leads, and post those to your Facebook. The topic and title of your blog post will attract your audience to click it and read. Then they will simply find the CTA within that post.

Include links to landing pages in your image captions

Most of the marketers understand the importance of using the visuals like images and videos in your Facebook strategy. Example, Facebook posts with the images 2.3X more engagement than those which are without images. To turn these higher engagements rates into your lead generation opportunities, consider it by including the links to your website in the descriptions for your images, especially your profile pictures and cover photo descriptions.

Use videos to promote the lead the gen offers

The Facebook organic reach has dropped the 52% so far in 2016. Thanks to the tweets in Facebook’s algorithm to help mitigate the increasing amount of content on its platform. But the videos are the big expectation here. In fact, posting the videos has actually helped to neutralize some of that pain for the marketers.

Use Facebook Live videos to remind people to register

Videos can be pretty time intensive to create. But the thing is you don’t have to necessarily pull together all resources. Use resources to create the perfectly scripted and edited marketing video to leverage the power of the video on Facebook. The live feature of Facebook gives you the platform that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile devices straight to their facebook account. The best part of this feature is that they are meant to be little scrappier and more spontaneous. Then the normal marketing videos and that is the reason these videos are more special.

Pin posts that link to lead gen offers to the top of your feed

Pinning the post to the top of your Page’s Timeline allows you to highlight what otherwise would be a typical post. It will stay on the top of your Timeline for up to seven days. And after seven days I will return to the date it was published on your Page’s Timeline. A pinned post is signified by a small blue. And a white pushpin icon on the top right of the post.

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