How To Add Contact Form In WordPress

How to Add Contact form in WordPress

How to Add Contact form in WordPress – Are you looking for the ways to add a contact form to your WordPress account? Every website needs a contact form so that people can contact you about the services and products. You can easily add a contact form in WordPress without messing up the codes or touching a single line of code. So here we will discuss the ways to add a contact form in WordPress that you can easily follow.

How to Add Contact form in WordPress

If you have just started your journey on WordPress then the first thing you need to add is the contact form. You can never do well if you will not allow your customers to communicate with you. Adding a contact form makes the user experience great and also enhances your overall performance. More people will be contacting you, more sales you will get and eventually a lot of profit.

Why do you need to add a Contact form in WordPress?

This is a very common question that hits the beginner’s mind. Why cannot we just add email to the WordPress account so that people can contact us? If you are the one who is struggling to get the answers to these questions then below mentioned are the best reasons on why you should add a contact form in your WordPress account.

  • Spam bots are constantly looking forward to getting any bit of important information from your website. Therefore, adding a spam bot will protect you from these spam.
  • People usually do not send the proper information through an Email, but with the addition of contact form, one can easily contact to about the services they want.
  • Contact form saves your time more than you have ever imagined.

Steps to create the contact form in WordPress account

If you are willing to add the contact form to your WordPress account then the below-mentioned steps are for you. Follow these easy steps to get the best results in no less time.

Choose the contact form plugin

The very first thing you have to do is to choose the right contact form plugin. WordPress is a platform which offers several paid and free plugins to choose from. So go for the one that suits you the most and your website. After you have decided the plugin, install in and get started with the further steps.

Install contact form plugin

Next important step is the installation of the plugin. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and going to plugins select the add new option. Search your desired plugin, install it and make sure to activate it. After the installation, you need to then create the contact form.

Creating the contact form and configuration

Now you are ready to create a contact form on your own. Open the plugin and select the add new option in it. Then you will come across various contact form templates to choose from. So choose the template that suits the most on your website. You can create any type of contact form of your choice because of the amazing features plugins has to offer.

Another important step is to configure notification and confirmations. Form confirmation allows you to thank your customer in a special way by redirecting them to a thank you page. And form notification is the Email you will get after someone will submit the contact form.

Adding Contact form in a page

This is one of the important steps that can generate a lot of leads easily. Embedding the contact form in a website or a page is mandatory if you want the customers to contact you easily. For doing this, simply click on add form on the page you want to embed. And a contact form shortcode will be added to your page.


Adding contact form will actually make it very easy for users and customers to contact about the services and products. Above are the best steps you can follow to add the contact form to your WordPress account easily. Therefore, if you do not have a contact form in your account yet, then it is the right time to add it now.

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