What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages and How it is Important in SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages and How it is Important in SEO

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages and How it is Important in SEO – In the year of 2015-16 the concept of AMP pages is being launched in web market. The reason behind launching this concept is the mobile searches stats. As we all know mobile is the most used gadget which people use to find anything or buy products. So in order the enhance the mobile search google has launched a concept of AMP. Accelerated mobile pages have become very important nowadays in SEO.

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages and How it is Important in SEO

It provide many benefits to the people who run online sites or have online businesses. Mainly it have two benefits and they are to provide good rankings to the site and other to provide fast label designation. Mobile users would not wait for your site if they take too long to respond. Therefore it is important for the site owners to get started with accelerated mobile pages. Here you will get to know about what are accelerated mobile pages? And how they are important in improving SEO?

What are accelerated mobile pages?

Accelerated mobile pages are an open medium coding standard for the online publishers. The main aim of accelerated mobile pages is to load the sites easily on the mobiles, as desktop sites take long time to load on mobile. Many of the desktop sites have features that are not required for a mobile site therefore, they play a great role in improving the SEO in mobiles. Earlier people were not very aware of this but now they have started using  it for the numerous benefits.

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages and How it is Important in SEO

Why do you need Accelerated mobile pages?

You might  be aware of its importance if you ever have tried to load your site or any desktop site in mobiles. It can a bit irritating if you are in hurry and the site takes long time to load. Therefore it is very important for the site owners to standardize the site with the help of accelerated mobile pages. It is the best way to optimize the site for all the browsing users.

How SEO Gets benefits From the most from accelerated mobile pages?

Accelerated mobile pages have a huge impact and all in the good ways on SEO. Below mentioned are some of the benefits that SEO can get from it.

  • The publishing sites benefits the most from it because it helps in providing higher ranks and also makes it easier for a large mass of people to reach to your service or product.
  • You can either transit your whole site with Accelerated mobile pages or you can simply just apply on few sections such as updates or news etc.
  • Ranks of the site will get increased and your site will be known by more number of people.
  • People will find it easy to browse your site and hence you will get more traffic with the passing days.
  • Sites will become more responsive on mobiles.
  • The main benefit provided by accelerated mobile pages is that the pages or sites will instantly showed up on Google news carousel which means you will get much more attention than usual from the online browsers.
  • Not only your speed will increase and ranks will hike but even your bounce rate will experience reduction and that would prove very beneficial for your site.
  • Accelerated mobile pages also support a variety of ad networks, format and technologies.
  • Accelerated mobile pages allow you to track your visitors and help you make conversions. This way you will get to know about the improvements in your site.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the modern Need of website optimization. So implement it now.

So if you were wondering whether to apply accelerated mobile pages on your site then I hope this might have helped you a lot in clearing the doubts. Accelerated mobile pages are surely a very beneficial medium to improve and get good ranks for your site. If you do not use accelerated mobile pages then this is the right time to apply them. So wait for the awesome results it will offer.

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